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The list of the plants to keep Pussy away from is rather long and articulated; you can find the list in question here, and we must admit that, moreover, the toxicity of some of the mentioned plants is not even who knows how much known, not even by the florists themselves. Unfortunately, sometimes the ignorance of similar details can even kill: the story of Mr. Mistoffeelees, a black and white kitten intoxicated by lily pollen, teaches us this.

Mr. Mistoffeelees was a beautiful black and white cat, loved and adored to madness by his human, Elizabeth Mackie. The kitten evidently owed its name to its namesake character in the musical Cats, and perhaps it wasn’t chosen at random, because in the musical Mr. Mistoffeelees is the cat who magically makes Old Deuteronomy, the wise old leader of the gang of felines, appear, saving him from the imprisonment of the evil Macavity. Perhaps, just like his namesake, this black and white kitten had saved Elizabeth’s life as only animals can do, because it is no coincidence that she had wanted him at her side after the death of her mother.

However, all the love in the world was not enough when, ignoring the devastating effect that lilies would have on the health of her Mr. Mistoffeelees, Elizabeth accepted a lily plant from a friend in exchange for the sale of an old chest of drawers.

It wasn’t long before Elizabeth found a spot of light yellow lily pollen on her kitten’s snout, which despite efforts to remove it seemed to be indelibly imprinted on her hair.

Too late came the warnings via FB about how lily pollen, if ingested, was highly toxic to cats. And too late Elizabeth ran to her vet, Andy Nelson, who tried in vain to induce vomiting in Mr. Mistoffeelees and thus save his life: the kitten had already lost consciousness. When adrenaline and heart massage didn’t work either, Elizabeth had to give up. Her kitten had now crossed the Rainbow Bridge, which had been crushed by kidney failure and irreparable liver damage.


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