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The most well-known thing even to those who are not cat lovers or experts is that cats spend the day mainly doing two things: sleeping and washing.

So, even if you think your cat is clean because she washes herself constantly, you may need a contribution to her hygiene, especially if she has a chance to go to the garden. In this article we will see how to wash the cat without bathing it.

First of all, you have to start with the litter tray. Its hygiene and cleanliness are essential, so you need to clean the litter tray whenever your cat needs it and wash the tray at least once a week. The silica sandpit is one of those that ensures greater cleanliness, but you can use any other type, as long as you are careful to keep it clean at all times.

It is not advisable to use household detergents (such as ammonia or bleach) or very fragrant detergents because, due to the intense smell, the cat may no longer distinguish its smell in the litter tray and start doing its business around the house.

After talking about litter tray cleaning, let’s move on to actual cat cleaning. Cats are not fond of water, so bathing them may be impossible. In addition, the cat communicates with other cats, and generally other animals, with its own smells. Washing it with soap and water would take away its smell and could disorient it.

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There are cases, however, where cleaning is necessary. This is the case of cats that have undergone an operation and can’t move or wash themselves, many elderly cats that may no longer be able to do their needs in the drawer, cats that go out in the garden, or long-haired cats that can’t always wash themselves at their best.

To wash your cat without using water, we have several options:

  1. Moisten a cloth glove or towel with a little water, but not so much as to impregnate it with water, and massage the cat with it.
  2. Use wet wipes, of those specific for the hygiene of our domestic friends.
  3. Use a dry shampoo, specially designed for cats.

At a time like this, when parasites develop, it is essential to keep your cat clean and this is one of the quickest and easiest ways to do it. Cuddles will also serve to strengthen your bond; every time you get close to him he will be pleased to be cleaned because he associates the moment of cleaning with cuddling.


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