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A rather recurrent problem is the resentment of felines towards plants: they bite them, pull the pots to the ground, dig into their soil and often our seedlings do not survive their attacks for long. This behaviour is due not only to their propensity to play, but also to their instinct.

Sometimes, however, the problem is difficult to solve because if the plants are in the garden, and the cat is allowed to go there, it is impossible to move them from there. Simpler, however, the case in which the plants are arranged in the house: you can look for accommodation for them in a place where your kitten does not spend much time.

Although the solution may seem trivial, the problem is quite serious, not only for the safety of the plants, but also for that of our cats. Many plants, in fact, are poisonous to our kittens (here is the complete list of poisonous plants for cats). Some of these are: fern, calatea, poinsettia, azalea, begonia, diffenbachia, ivy, peach.

Here are some home remedies to prevent the cat from ruining your plants.

If the plants are in the house:

  • spray cat repellent every day 15/20 cm away from the pot of the plant for a week, after that time the cat should not come any closer but if it continues to do so, resume spraying the repellent;
  • observe him and when you see him approaching say an energetic “NO”, but never shouting;
  • buy some catnip seeds, you can get them in supermarkets as well as gardening stores. Put them in a sunny area and keep the substratum humid, in a few days they will begin to germinate;
  • as mentioned earlier, move the plants to an area of the house where the cat doesn’t frequent much;
  • place coffee grounds in the saucers: they give off an unpleasant smell for the kittens.

If the plants are in the garden:

  • place orange and lemon peel or cotton soaked in one of the following oils around the plants: clove oil, lavender or citrus essential oil;
  • protect them with a wire mesh;
  • create a homemade repellent by chopping a clove of garlic, add it to the nebulizer full of water and spray it all over the plants. As an alternative to garlic, you can use rosemary, pepper or lavender;
  • place one of these plants in the most targeted garden area: chives, garlic, lemongrass, rosemary, coleus canina, rue and lavender. They are natural repellents as cats can’t stand the smell.


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